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Community Engagement Internship

July 5, 2023





10 hours/week ( or 300 cumulative hours over a period of up to 9 months.)


Until hours are completed.

Reports To:

Executive Director


Grant-funded by MN Transform, the Community Engagement Intern will
maintain and promote Rise and Remember’s Pilgrimage Journey program. This duty entails outreach and
marketing for Pilgrimage Journeys (including but not limited to outreach to potentially interested
parties and website maintenance), coordination of Pilgrimage Journeys (including but not limited
to intake of groups, coordination between pilgrims, guides, and theaters), support ongoing guide
development (including the coordination of monthly guide meetings and BE G.R.E.A.T.
entrepreneurial development training), and pilgrimage guide training.
The professional in this position must be able to interact warmly with a diversity of people. They
must know how to tap into the needs and desires of the George Floyd Square community and
how to respond in kind. This position will require strong communication skills, judgment,
flexibility, initiative, and decision making. This person will be a key member of the team.

Responsibilities and Duties:

● Intake groups interested in Pilgrimage Journeys.
● Coordination between guides and theaters for Pilgrimage Journeys.

● Outreach to businesses/schools/conferences/other groups potentially interested in Pilgrimage Journeys, as well as any other initiatives that ensure a consistent flow of Pilgrimage Journeys
● Promote and market Pilgrimage Journeys
● Train new guides.
● Lead guide development in monthly meetings.
● Support coordination of volunteer and hospitality initiatives.
● Meet weekly with the Executive Director.
● Perform other duties as assigned.


● Education: Current enrollment in a college or university required.
● Marketing/promotion experience preferred.
● Administrative experience preferred.
● Writing skills.
● Social and racial justice orientation.
● Personable.
● Communicative.
● Passionate.
● Organized.
● Consistent.
● Disciplined.
● Flexible.